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Hey Everyone,

In a recent publication of The MorningBrew, Talent Acquisition and HR jobs are up 52% since last year. We have also observed that in 2021, the fastest-growing position at venture capital funds has been Head of Talent. The question is – why have we seen so much growth in the HR space?

Our assumption is, teams are finally realizing how important the impact HR/People teams can have on a growing startup. We have observed anecdotally that many startups wait until they have 50+ employees before making their first HR team hire, but those who break this trend have a strong infrastructure. Instead of having the founding team distracted by tasks that are easy to delegate, they are able to focus on building their company.

To quickly understand why these hires are so important, it is important to know that HR/People teams tend to own culture, headcount, learning and development, recruitment planning, DEI initiatives, employee education, onboarding and so much more. Even when you compare what most internal recruiters are in charge of, it is very different from those who work at recruitment firms. While external recruiters are hyper-focused on connecting and engaging candidates with the right roles at the right companies, internal recruiters typically focus on hiring planning, talent strategy, recruitment process and efficiency, and getting candidates excited about joining the team.

So as we write this we wonder – how are you building your HR/Talent team?  Please let us know by answering the poll below.

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