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The Global Resignation Movement – Our Thoughts

It has many names – The Global resignation movement. The Big Quit. The Great Reshuffling. No matter what you call it, it is affecting every business across the globe.  In August, there were 8.6 million unemployed people in the U.S. and 10 million job openings. Since then the number of jobs has grown and there are now 1.2 jobs per unemployed person. 

So how do you hire in this market? How do you find the right people? And just as importantly how do you keep your current employees happy? 

Here are a few suggestions from our team. 

  • Empowering your team. No matter a team member’s position, everyone has something to add outside of their core role. If someone shows interest in growing, it is good to ask them to lead training, or lead discussions. 
  • Remember that in a remote workplace it is sometimes difficult to maintain a work-life balance. We like to encourage our employees to turn off their screens when needed. We also allow our team to build their own schedule. Lastly, we respect non-working hours for our team, to allow them time to rest and reset.  
  • Don’t forget about your companies/team’s wellness and mental health.  We use a service called Boon Health to provide free coaching to our entire team. 
  • While interviewing timing is key! Make sure when interviewing candidates, to keep the entire process under 3 weeks. Anything longer than this will decrease your chances of the candidate signing an offer. 
  • Get clear on values, and share them!  We have seen that candidates respond well to companies who are upfront about company values, and how it impacts the company culture. We encourage companies to post these values online, so candidates can see them before taking an interview. 
  • Don’t forget to talk to your team. Skip interviews and anonymous surveys can be a powerful tool. To understand what is going on in your organization, including cultural feedback. 

We always love input from our partners and clients. Please feel free to email our team if you have any additional suggestions that we should share!

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