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SingleSprout Candidate DEI Survey – Feb 2022

As our clients may already know, in order to conduct a non-bias search for talent, we do not ask for any demographic information. This is in order for us to place the best possible talent, without any bias. 

That being said, we were curious about the demographics of the talent that we have placed. We reached out to all the candidates we placed in the last 5 years to collect demographic data from the candidates we have placed. We had about 10% of our recently placed candidates respond to our survey. 

Here is what we found:

  • 12.9% of our candidates identify as having a disability.
  • 30.4% do not identify themselves as Heterosexual
  • 32.4% do not identify themselves as a Cisgender man
  • 46.4% do not identify as White, Caucasian, European

For more information, please check out all the results from the study here


But before we end this blog, we found a few fun facts that we would like to share. 

We asked our candidates to tell us the top 3 reasons why they accepted the offer from a SingleSprout company. 

  • 73.9% accepted the offer because of the team/culture
  • 53.6% were looking for remote options. 
  • Only 43.5% listed Salary or benefits as the reason why they took the new role. 

And lastly… 

And 79.6% of candidates who answered this survey, are still at the company they joined while working with SingleSprout.

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