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Webinar: Engineering Leadership

It was a packed virtual house for our first Zoom webinar series on Engineering Leadership. SingleSprout was lucky to have industry leaders

We covered practical tips like what should an aspiring engineering leader look for in a company to ensure career growth? How does one stand out in the interview process? How does the company identify engineering leadership potential? How can companies best support and grow these individuals?

Here are some highlights, but catch the full video on YouTube at, and be sure to RSVP for the next webinar in our series (Remote Interviewing best practices on 6/24 RSVP at! #webinar #leadership #growth #hr #engineering

The SingleSprout Shout – Launching Legal Recruiting!

Hey Everyone,

Today we want to announce we have officially launched Legal Recruiting!

We have recently expanded our team and welcomed Kristen Verrastro as our Director of Legal Recruiting. Kristen is a former “Big Law” attorney and has been working in attorney search for over 5 years. She has experience with Am Law firms, boutique law firms, and in-house clients. She is well-versed in working with companies at all stages to help them grow their Legal departments and has placed attorneys in-house at all levels, from Associate Counsel to General Counsel.

What this means for you: We have expanded our capabilities further to partner with our clients and VC’s on any attorney (or JD-preferred) positions. We are happy to now help companies with searches including: General Counsel/Chief Legal Officer, VP/Head of Legal, Associate/Assistant General Counsel, Product Counsel, Commercial Counsel, Regulatory Counsel, Chief Compliance/Privacy Officers, and more.

Kristen is excited to bring her skills and focus to SingleSprout. As always, SingleSprout’s goal is to pair unparalleled client service with deep market expertise, in order to deliver exceptional value to our clients. Please reach out to us for any of your attorney/JD-preferred hiring needs (!


Natan & David

Chopped – SingleSprout Style

To celebrate all our team’s amazing work, we planned a night of fun with the team. SingleSprout sure ate like Champions after a recent Zoom with Chef Andre Fowles, CEC,Food Network 3xCHOPPED CHAMP, 🇯🇲AMB, 3-time Food Network Chopped Champion! Thanks, Chef Fowles!

“I don’t know about all of you but I can’t stop thinking about the delicious food last night 🥘 🥑 🦐 🍹 Super fun and tasty!” –Hawa Ruth Bello, SingleSprout #food #health #wellness


The SingleSprout Shout – Celebrate Diversity Month

Hey Everyone,

Since 2004, April has been called, “Celebrate Diversity Month,” and last month we spent our time honoring that mission. It’s a time to recognize, honor, and support our differences and similarities. The goal is to help people gain a deeper understanding of each other.  After spending the last month focused on how we can support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we uncovered some interesting facts.

Since we work with companies on hiring talent, a common theme is “diversity.” The truth is each company defines diversity slightly differently, but diversity means having a range of people with various racial, ethnic, gender, socioeconomic, cultural backgrounds, various lifestyles, experiences, and/or interests. By this definition, it is clear that an individual can not be diverse, but a group of people can be diverse (friendly reminder, it is time to stop referring to a person as diverse). For this reason, when talking about an individual role, we encourage the use of the phrase searching for under-represented talent, instead of diverse talent. (Link)

When talking to companies, we have a list of suggestions we’ve learned (around attracting and recruiting underrepresented talent from the AllVoices’s event we moderated last month, linked below):

  • Employer branding. Be conscious of what your social media, website, public profiles show. Candidates are curious about your initiatives, and your benefits (not just medical, but for flexibility, childcare, learning and development, and more). If you’re unsure or looking for feedback, ask those that you are looking to attract, for their feedback. If you’re not where you want to be, own it, and speak openly on your vision or goals when it comes to DEI. Most of all, be transparent and be authentic.

  • Inclusive job descriptions. Make sure you are using inclusive language in your job descriptions, and emails. We recommend using tools like to monitor inclusive language. But, do not just change your language. Educate your team as to why, so they learn and can educate others.

  • Consider adjusting your job requirements. Only recruiting from certain cities, universities, and/or companies can dramatically limit under-represented talent.

  • Educate the team. Interviewing and hiring candidates from different backgrounds is the first step, but doesn’t always ensure a safe and equitable environment for those individuals. Make sure that your entire team is familiar with DEI best practices. DEI training isn’t something that you want to have your team train on once a year, but something that should be discussed and invested in throughout the year. Have conversations and educational initiatives on Unconscious Bias, Awareness, Microaggressions, Belonging and Skill-Acquisition (Inclusive Management, Allyship, Inclusive Interview and Hiring). If you don’t have the capital, there are free programs, book clubs, and panels to send your team to.

  • Diverse interview committee. If possible, avoid a homogenous group of employees to represent your company when conducting interviews. If you are working on your DEI strategy, speak about your vision and goals when it comes to DEI.

  • Search for Inclusive Job Boards. Diversity.comBlack Career NetworkFairygodbossCareer ContessaPink JobsWorkForce50VetJobs70 Million JobsBlackRemoteShe,  and so many more.

  • Encourage DEI initiatives that focus on internal and external goals. Give your employees a voice and eventually goals to make an impact in the community and at your company.

  • DEI-focused pulse survey. Ask your team members, if they feel that the work environment supports Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. What else can the team be doing?

As this is always fresh on our minds, we would love to hear what your organization does to celebrate and support diversity in your workplace.


Natan & David

Webinar: How Leading Companies Are Attracting Under-Represented Talent

In a recent webinar hosted by AllVoices, Natan Fisher moderated a panel discussion on How Leading Companies Are Attracting Under-Represented Talent. The panelists are experts in the field, and gave us valuable insights on the subject. Some topics discussed were how to authentically tell the employer brand story, and how to best engage with candidates.

View the full video at

Webinar: How Leading Companies Are Attracting Under-Represented Talent

SingleSprout co-founder Natan Fisher moderated “How Leading Companies Are Attracting Under-Represented Talent,” Thursday, April 22nd

Hosted by AllVoices, panelists include

  • Jasmine Francis, MSc. Senior Director, People + Culture at Thinx Inc.
  • Joy Young, MBA Sr. Director, People at Slice
  • Sarah Castle, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programming & Partnerships at Toast;
  • Jes Osrow, SHRM-SCP Learning & Org Development at at Quartet.



The SingleSprout Shout – Wellness in the Workplace

Every week we talk to founders about ways to attract talent, and a common question we get is how to support employee mental health. In fact, Gen Z (76%), Millennials (73%), Gen X (75%), Baby Boomer (56%) all want companies to prioritize mental health over other causes (Forbes).  When it comes to wellness in the workplace, many companies are introducing simple solutions like health and wellness apps, but during this remote work environment, employees are also seeking a remedy for loneliness, and ways to connect with the people they work with.

There are various ways to create a great work environment in a remote world that supports your employees’ mental health.

  • Have check-ins with your employees, beyond KPIs. One way is to ask effective 1-1 questions, like those listed from LifeLabs.

  • Setup virtual water coolers, happy hours, or lunches to help your team bond.

  • Mandate mental health days. At SingleSprout, we give at least one mental health day per month called, “ReSprout Days.”

  • Block time for no meetings or mandate company-wide no meeting time.

  • Leadership and Management should encourage an open dialogue about mental health and wellness resources. At SingleSprout, we are reimbursing for certain wellness expenses and often talk openly about therapy.

  • Tools:  TalkspaceCoaBig HealthSpring HealthJoon, and Goodly

  • Allow flexible hours to allow employees to prioritize mental and physical health.

Your employees are the biggest advocate of your brand, and we know the focus on mental health will help you both keep and attract new talent. We’d love to hear more ideas (


Natan & David

The SingleSprout Shout – Remote work in 2021

Hey Everyone –

As the vaccine continues to roll out, our clients and partners have been discussing how to plan today for a post-Covid tomorrow. While founders are thinking about re-opening offices and new safety procedures, recruiting today for a post-Covid world may not be top of mind.

The states that your employees are located in, your office locations, and your company culture will all impact re-openings, but the greatest wealth of information about expectations for a post-Covid world will come from your employees. Many of our clients have started to send around surveys in order to understand what employees are looking for in a post-Covid world, but it is just as important to have these conversations with candidates during your hiring process.

We recommend asking the following questions during your recruitment process.

  • Do you plan to remain remote post-Covid or are you interested and excited to go back to the office?
  • Which of our offices would you like to return to? (If you have multiple locations)
  • What do you expect from your employer’s remote policies or physical office in a post-Covid world?

As we plan for a post-Covid world together, we are most excited to finally get to spend time with our team, clients, candidates, partners, and the community.

Natan & David

PS. Even during the peak of 2020, we found that only 30% of candidates were seeking remote-only roles. With Q1 2021 hiring in full swing, things are changing – in fact, over 45% of our candidates are now seeking roles that offer remote work only.

The SingleSprout Shout Relaunch Q4 2020

Below is an excerpt from our newsletter – The SingleSprout Shout Relaunch Q4 2020.

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the long delay. We’re back with a new edition of the SingleSprout Shout (formerly the SingleSprout Newsletter)!

We think it’s safe to say, the way companies attract top talent has changed. The fancy office perks to attract talent have disappeared (for now), and many have plans never to return to an office again. A recent Gartner survey found that 74% of CFO’s will be allowing certain employees to remain fully remote after the pandemic.

So the question is, what attracts talent in this new remote world? According to Linkedin, 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job, and the #1 obstacle candidates experience when searching for a job is not knowing what it’s like to work at an organization. We advise startups to utilize various tools that are readily available to them to advertise their brand to candidates. Focus on your company’s digital brand, social media, employee testimonials, creating a mission statement, and authentic values. Please reach out to us if you want any extra advice or tips!

We are so grateful for our team, clients, candidates, partners, and the community. We wish everyone a strong end to the year and all the health and strength to conquer 2021.

Natan & David

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