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David did a great job regularly communicating and helping to solidify an offer for me. He helped make the process smooth and efficient.


No BS, no game-playing, no posturing at all. Authentic, transparent, laid-back and kind, patient. It was really so different from my previous experience with legal recruiters. I enjoyed the process. They were very supportive and professional, thorough, and methodical, but also warm and very, very human in their approach.
Working with SingleSprout was really enjoyable. They have a different approach, one that likely comes from the disruptive type of clients they usually work with. They are thorough and methodical but really try to look past credentials and professional pedigree to see who you are and what type of people you would love working with. Work is and will always be about people, about working with people you connect with, and they prioritized that aspect throughout the process. Very strongly recommend.

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