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Jamie Coakley

SingleSprout is a fantastic partner for our fast-paced hiring at Electric. When you partner with them, you are paying for years of hard work their teams have put in building relationships in the market with the best talent. We find that for some Sr. technical roles (leadership, SRE) most “great” people are really happy and not looking to leave. SingleSprout has the advantage of knowing just what they want and making that match when the role comes to market. They are also very consultative in their approach and understand how to match requirements to skill-sets we may overlook at first glance. We filled an incredibly difficult role within 30 days by hiring them – and brought on someone we probably would have overlooked without knowing their personality and successes within each role they had in the past. Would highly recommend hiring SingleSprout on hard and easy to fill searches to find the best talent possible in the least amount of time.

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